By offering reliable quality in superior transcripts and services, we are dedicated and organized to see each action's discovery through from beginning to end.

We provide daily tracking of exhibits, deposition categories:  expert, PMK, etc., and of course immediate rough transcripts, or daily certified transcripts.

Fastidiously providing detailed attention to all considerations and requests on a daily basis, we maximize our litigation support to clients by having all prior exhibits present at each deposition with updated exhibit indexes, and meticulously tracking consecutive exhibit marking to provide accurate and complete continuity.

Because of our national and international experience and professional contacts, we can schedule depositions and accommodations at home or abroad.

Full Range of Services

  • Experienced Professional Reporters

  • Offering Certified expedited and daily copy

  • Realtime Reporting

  • Rough-draft transcripts

  • ASCII files/pdf files/CDs

  • E-Transcript files

  • Condensed transcripts

  • Word index

  • Videotape of deposition

  • Teleconference

  • Out-of-town/out-of-country accommodations & conference room scheduling

  • Key word indexing

  • Timestamping

  • Video synchronization

Current CSR Certifications
California * CSR # 10053
Idaho * CSR # 604
Nevada * CSR # 408
Sonoma County Official Pro Tem
State of California Office of Small Business and DVBE Certification

Professional Organizations
California Court Reporters Association
Deposition Reporters Association
Nevada Court Reporters Association
Idaho Court Reporters Association
National Court Reporters Association

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